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Epica is the long-awaited return to the vocal booth, and the end result is an album riddled with mind bending double-time flows and strong delivery, with all the filler left at the door.

Epica, the title track and latest video offering from the Epica project, is a high-energy double-time-heavy monster song, with an equally impactful video full of rioting and rebellion against the system. The first song on any Tycotic album is always a big one, and this is no exception.

The Weed Song is exactly what the title suggests, full of comedic weed puns and Dave Chapelle references. Grooving over a 90's style boom-bap beat produced by Tycotic, matched with smoked out smooth croonish flows. The music video has racked up over 50,000 views on youtube, was featured on Dj Skae's Guestlist 2 (CD & DVD), and has also received play on Triple J radio.

Frank Sinatra (AKA Home with a half ounce) is a unique fusion of classic sample-based beat production and modern hiphop flava. The Frank Sinatra music video was nominated for Best Music Video in the OzHipHop Awards, and to top it off, this unheard version features guest vocals from West Sydney's The Hed Ubd.

My People is the ultimate street anthem with a brain-infiltrating chorus and head-nod qualities. Itʼs a definite standout track from an album with a high bar. The song features guest vocals from Australian hiphop royalty Kerser and Rates.

Kill This Shit is a shameless flex of skill, shredding the fast-paced beat with non-stop tongue twisting complexity, showcasing the unrivalled rap talents of the futuristic flow machine known as Tycotic.

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